Well, it's official... Waterloo now has a snowiest February in history: 2019.

Yep, we did it. We got there. Lets make t-shirts and prepare to tell future generations.

Thanks to CBS 2 meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman, I found out that prior to last night/this mornings storm, we were sitting at 21.8” for the month of February. That made this the second snowiest February on record. After the dust erm, snow, settled on this system, this is officially the snowiest February ever!

The previous record was the February of 1962 which has 24.3”. Hey, I guess records were meant to be broken, right? How about 'Warmest March on Record' come next?

Sadly, it isn't going to end at 26.2". It appears another system will be here just in time for this weekend. Huzzah! Hey, if we put this record out of reach, we don't have to worry about breaking it again for a few more decades I assume.

Drive safe!!

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