This guy should've stuck to watching scary movies on Netflix. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, October 11th.

Jensen Beach, FL- Two women were arrested after practicing their dance moves inside a liquor store.

The store manager called police on 24-year-old Cindy Barrientos and her friend after they attempted to "re-enact a scene from the movie Dirty Dancing." I'm not sure which scene, but I'm guessing it's this one.

The ladies then attempted to purchase booze, but they were refused service and told to leave the store. Both Barrientos and her friend tried to come back inside, and the manager called 911.

Officers said Barrientos was belligerent, had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. She was arrested for disorderly intoxication. [TCPalm]

She did NOT have the time of her life.

Long Island, NY- Just a reminder that someone hired this person to mentor the youth of America...

Drunk driving.

58-year-old Russell Cohen works as a substitute driving instructor--or maybe I should say worked--because he showed up drunk for a driving lesson last Saturday.

The four teenagers alertly asked Cohen to pull over at a nearby McDonald's. Police say Cohen left the students at the restaurant and drove away, but he crashed into the rear end of another car a short time later.

Cohen's been charged with aggravated DWI and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. [ABC News]

Yeah...probably not the BEST way to get promoted to full-time.

West Allis, WI- A man got a bit too handsy at a haunted house last weekend.

haunted house in the halloween night

Your instinct when you're scared is too put your hands up to protect yourself, but 39-year-old Prentiss Johnson took it too far.

Two female employees identified Johnson as the man who attacked them as he made his way through the haunted house.

He faces charges including fourth-degree sexual assault, misdemeanor battery, and disorderly conduct. Johnson could serve up to eight years in prison. [WISN-TV]

If you're scared THAT easily...why even go? Could've watched Freddy or Jason for FREE.

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