Let's be honest, the past few years on social media have been all about... the selfie. If you have a social media presence or brand like me, you are always looking for the next best selfie spot to show off your personality and best side. I mean taking a selfie isn't just putting your phone up and snapping a pic. Oh no... you need to find the best angle, the right outfit, the best hairstyle and makeup and of course an interesting spot to take the photo.

With selfies all over social media, it seems to me like there is a competition going on to find the best spots for selfies and I believe Iowa has some pretty awesome spots to take selfies. In fact the Cedar Valley has some great spots that I have frequented as well!

So I am deciding to put the Cedar Valley on the map here in terms of great selfie spots and share some of my favorites here. I know this is not for everyone as some people don't prioritize this list but these are also some great spots for senior pictures, engagement photos and even wedding photos. We live in a world all about selfies and sharing your persona online so why not make the most of it?

Check out these selfie spots below and make sure to let me know your favorite spots in the Cedar Valley to take pictures! Also share some of your pictures below if you have been to some of these spots!

8 Best Selfie Spots In C.V.

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