Hungry? This won't help... But it might provide you some assistance picking a place for lunch today. According to Thrillist, these are the eight best items you can buy off a dollar menu. Sadly, there's a few options unavailable in the Cedar Valley, but if you're willing to travel for a dollar menu item, we could be friends.

The top 8:

1.  Burger King's cheeseburger.

2.  Del Taco and Jack in the Box's tacos.

3.  McDonald's McChicken.

4.  Sonic's mini tots.

5.  Taco Bell's shredded chicken mini quesadilla.

6.  Wendy's buffalo chicken ranch sandwich.

7.  White Castle's cheese slider.

8.  Jimmy John's day-old bread. Um, ok...?

When you think about it, how cool is it you can still walk into a restaurant of any kind with just a buck (and some change for tax) and walk out with something to eat? Also, how scary is it... What do you think of the list, do you agree? Oh, and sorry for making you more hungry then you were 3 minutes ago. My bad.

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