They say home is where the heart is. I was born and raised in the Quad Cities, but left when I went away to college and didn't come back for about 10 years! However, when it comes to Iowa, that is usually not the case.

A new study by WalletHub found the percentage of people living in every state who were born there--in other words, it ranked the states by how likely people are to basically stay there FOREVER. The data shows that an overwhelming majority of native Iowans preferred to remain in the Hawkeye State.


71.1% of those living in Iowa were originally born here, which ranks 7th on the list, behind only Louisiana (78.3%), Michigan (76.6%), Ohio (75.2%), Pennsylvania (72.9%), Mississippi (71.5%) and Wisconsin (71.4%).

Nevada is the state with the least amount of natives staying put, with a shocking total of only 25.75%. Washington, D.C. (35.8%), Florida (35.9%), Arizona (39.2%), Wyoming (40.65%), Alaska (41.8%), New Hampshire (42.1%), Colorado (42.7%), Delaware (45.6%) and Oregon (45.9%) are among those with the lowest percentage still living in their home states.

I've actually lived in five different states (Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa). I feel it's important to branch out and try somewhere new. You can ALWAYS come back! What about you? How many friends and family do you have that are lifelong Iowans?

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