I thought the whole point of committing a crime was to NOT draw attention to yourself?

This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, August 16th.

Swatara Twp., PA- Three animals were caught robbing a Walmart last weekend...well, three dudes dressed like animals...

Western lowland gorilla

The costumed culprits stole nearly $600 in merchandise Saturday afternoon, and they were pretty easy to find. Why, you ask??

20-year-old D'Angelo Manns dressed up as a WEREWOLF, 18-year-old Lamar Wall dressed up as a BULL, and 18-year-old Jahsahn Dickson dressed up as a GORILLA.

The trio was arrested and charged with retail theft. [Penn Live]

Manns was shot with a silver bullet, Wall was lassoed, and Dickson was lured in with a bunch of bananas. Okay, that DIDN'T happen...but it'd be way funnier if it did.

Canton, MI- Two teenagers were busted having sex in public, and gave a REALLY bad explanation.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

A 12-year-old boy spotted the copulating couple doing the deed in a parking lot Friday night. The kid ran inside and reported it to a relative, who then called police.

When cops arrived they found the 19-year-old girl and 18-year-old boy inside of a car. The couple told police that they weren't getting it on--he was simply giving his lady friend a back rub. SOMEHOW, cops didn't buy their story. The pair was charged with disorderly conduct. [Hometown Life]

That excuse didn't work for your parents and it certainly won't work for the police. But, they're just kids...they've got PLENTY of time to perfect their lying skills.

Ceres, CA- A woman has been arrested after filling a diaper with lighter fluid and setting an RV on fire. Wow. What a sentence THAT is.

Fire in an abandoned house

Witnesses saw 27-year-old Jamila Bodden leave the RV with a smirk on her face just moments before smoke and flames started pouring out of the vehicle.

When questioned by police, Bodden didn't exactly help herself out. She claimed that she "accidentally" spilled the lighter fluid on a table, but then purposely ignited it. Bodden is being held on suspicion of arson, though she pretty much convicted herself. [Modesto Bee]

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