Wasn't it crazy to see that crazy, white, powdery stuff falling from the sky the other day? It was, but was Sunday's snow fall the earliest it has ever snowed in this neck of the woods? I mean, October 14th does seem early. Even for Eastern Iowa. But believe it or not, the answer isn't just no... it's not even CLOSE!

According to the history books, the earliest it has ever snowed in Waterloo at least is September 26th. And that was way back in 1942. You can click here to see the classic handwritten log that the US Weather Bureau used to keep track of the river with. As you can see, they reported snow (though it didn't stick around) on 9/26/1942.

Even though the Cedar Valley didn't have much to show for that day in terms of snow fall, that was a pretty historic snowfall for some parts of Iowa. Mason City got almost 4-inches that day. YIKES. Imagine that... September and measurable snow. What's worse? It was 1942 and they couldn't even complain on social media. EEK.

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