October 22, 2020 --- almost 39 weeks ago -- that’s the last time the city of Waterloo had over an inch of rain in a single day when 2.94” inches fell.

Wednesday’s official measurement of 1.05” from the Waterloo airport brings the monthly total to just 1.19” for July.

The 1.05” is the seventh-most rain for July 14th in Waterloo. The most rainfall for that date is 2.14” in 1962.


With Wednesday’s rain, it guaranteed that it will NOT be one of the top 10 driest July’s in Waterloo’s history, dating back to 1895. Prior to this much-needed rain, it had been the driest July on record for the city, with just .14” --- crushing the record of .33” in July of 1998.


The average precipitation in Waterloo for July is 4.91”.

In the latest report issued by drought.gov, 50.8% of the entire United States has ‘Abnormally Dry’ conditions. While just under 40% is in a ‘Moderate Drought.’

As for Iowa --- before Wednesday’s rain ---  70% of the state was ‘Abnormally Dry’ with signs of stress showing on the corn.

Since January 1, most of Northeast Iowa is anywhere from 5-10” below normal in precipitation.

**Chart does include Wednesday’s rain totals.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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