State fairs are known for featuring some pretty outlandish sounding (and decadent tasting) treats. But the list of Iowa State Fair foods this year is making us scratch our heads a little bit.

The Des Moines Register rounded up some of the most over-the-top fair foods and one, in particular, stands out as being pretty...interesting.

Bauder's Ultimate Bacon Crisp includes "two scoops of vanilla ice cream blanketed with a “new bacon streusel," topped with two hand-dipped chocolate bacon strips and garnished with a pair of homemade pecan beignets."

While mixing bacon with desserts has become a big trend over the last few years, we can't help but gag just a little at the thought of chocolate-covered bacon on top of ice cream- especially when it all starts melting in the heat.

One fair item we would definitely be willing to indulge in?

Peach Empanadas from the Tortilla 911 booth.

They feature "a filling made from peaches and mascarpone cheese, lightly seasoned with cinnamon and wrapped in a light turnover pastry, deep-fried and then dusted in powdered sugar, drizzled with caramel sauce and finished with crushed hot cinnamon candies."

No bacon, just ooey-gooey, deep-fried caramel and peach goodness. Pass the napkins, please!

The Iowa State Fair starts this Thursday, August 8 and runs through Sunday, August 18 at the fairgrounds in Des Moines.

Check out more of the wackiest food items here.

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