It's the last weekend of the year and so, why wouldn't we have a large rain storm in Eastern Iowa? Just days after the warmest Christmas in Waterloo, we're looking at an above average weekend temperature wise. But it won't be bonfires-n-BBQ weather, it's going to be mighty wet.

Saturday, a warm front will push its way through the area and bring with it widespread rain and even a possible thunderstorm. While it will be a breezy day, highs could reach the low 50's in the Cedar Valley. We;ll also likely get some drizzle on Sunday and maybe even a light wintry mix or some light snow, but little accumulation if any.

However our friends in Nebraska... not so lucky. They'll be getting snow, especially on the northeastern partof the state. How much? Some predictions have 'em getting up to 24 inches of snow. Yes, 24 inches as in TWO FEET. Get your snow blowers ready, neighbor.

(Via KCCI)


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