Mother Nature prevails again. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, February 28th, 2019.

Livermore, CA- This person clearly didn't learn their lesson the first time.


California Highway Patrol first stopped the vehicle for driving in excess of 90 miles per hour Monday afternoon. The same driver was pulled over 11 minutes later--this time for going 103 miles per hour.

The tickets likely cost the driver between $400 and $500 apiece. A police spokesman put it quite nicely, saying "that was an expensive 11 minutes."

The CHP is reminding drivers to slow down after handing out speeding tickets--not to speed up. Which should go without saying. [San Francisco Chronicle]

If you got a speeding ticket for $400...wouldn't you slow down? Maybe it's just me.

Blount County, TN- This is a friendly reminder to ALWAYS be nice to people who handle your food.

A woman ordered from a Mexican restaurant last month, and only tipped the delivery driver 89¢ (Which, I mean, seriously? Why tip anything at all?).

Blount County Jail
Blount County Jail

She paid using one of those food delivery apps, so clearly the driver saw it before she left. And she WASN'T happy.

Her friend, 31-year-old Matt Webb, was riding with her and took it upon himself to dip his dangly bits into the customer's salsa. The driver recorded video of the incident and put it up on social media.

Unfortunately, the woman didn't find out the tampered food until later on. So you have to assume she ATE the salsa. The company issued her a refund and banned the driver.

As for Webb, he faces up to 15 YEARS in jail for "adulteration of food, liquids, or pharmaceuticals." [The Daily Times]

Wabasha, MN- This is another example of why you should avoid winter driving.

light tank isolated on white background

Snowy weather has led to hazardous driving conditions throughout the Midwest. But Minnesota has been hit especially hard.

How hard? Well...snow drifts were so bad that a TANK couldn't make it out.

Police issued a plea on Facebook Monday, saying "Please do not drive unless there is an absolute emergency. There is currently a tank, yes a literal military tank that got stuck on our roads last night when the National Guard was trying to help stranded motorists."

Oh, and another three to six inches of snow is expected for this weekend. [ABC 5 - Twin Cities]

If a freakin' tank can't get through a snow drift, there's no hope for you and your Prius.

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