The law doesn't have time for your scientific curiosities! This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, August 22nd.

Kissimmee, FL- A car thief was busted after pulling over to watch the eclipse.

Cops were following 22-year-old Jocsan Rosado when he pulled into a hardware store Monday afternoon. Rosado purchased a welding mask so he could view the solar eclipse.

He put on the mask, and police arrested Rosado as he was staring up at the sky. [Orlando Sentinel]

For what it's worth, you CAN use welding masks to view an eclipse, but it's still not a great idea. Even if you didn't just steal a car...

Elsewhere in Florida- An attorney tried to postpone a trial because one of her witnesses was planning to see the eclipse.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kaitlin O'Donnell filed a motion seeking a delay in the case. O'Donnell told the judge that one of her key witnesses, had already paid for a trip to visit the "zone of totality" on Monday, and that his testimony was key to the case.

Judge Steven Merryday rejected the request, calling it a "personal indulgence" and stating that the witness' desire to observe an event for a few minutes was not worth delaying the trial. [Washington Post]

Cedar Rapids- The eclipse led to the capture of a local sex offender...

26-year-old Ladarius Blue of Waterloo had been a fugitive since early June. Police, DCI agents & U.S. Marshals had zeroed in on his location Monday afternoon. Agents say Blue left a home in an attempt to watch the solar eclipse. Officers approached Blue, who led them on a foot chase through the Northeast side. Authorities found him after a witness claimed he saw Blue climbing into a yard waste container.

Blue was charged in 2010 in Fayette County for a lascivious act with a female child. Blue also pleaded guilty for failure to register as a sex offender in Fayette County the following year. [KCRG]

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