Whoa! Maybe winters in Iowa aren't so bad, after all. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, January 18th.

Honesdale, PA- A couple has been charged for stealing and scooting.

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45-year-old Dawn Hosie and 54-year-old Robert Doerwald allegedly stole a woman's purse and credit cards at Walmart...while riding in electric shopping carts.

Hosie & Doerwald then drove out of the store and used the victim's credit cards to buy gas, McDonald's, and stuff at a DIFFERENT Walmart 20 miles away.

Store surveillance video shows the suspects riding in the motorized carts, with Hosie holding the victim's purse. Cameras also spotted the pair getting in a car and leaving the store.

Hosie & Doerwald turned themselves in earlier this week. [The Smoking Gun]

Okay...we all know that stealing is bad. But IF you're going to do it...why not spend it on stuff you couldn't get at Walmart? At least make it worth the trouble.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and joey

Lumberton, TX- Police spent their weekend chasing a kangaroo.

Officers received several calls on Sunday about a kangaroo hopping down the highway.

The kangaroo had escaped from its enclosure, and authorities pursued the animal for about an hour before the kangaroo's owner was able to tranquilize it and safely return it home. A witness captured video of the rescue effort. [Houston Chronicle]

That's definitely not something you expect to see in Texas.

Oymyakon, Russia- Thermometers can't even keep up with the cold.

The coldest permanently-inhabited town in the world has a giant thermometer as a tourist attraction.

But when temperatures plunged to a (literally) numbing -88° this week...the thermometer couldn't handle it. Residents of the region are so accustomed to the cold that that all households and businesses in the region have working central heating and access to backup power generators, and students routinely go to school in 40-below weather.

The freakishly frigid weather inspired many locals to post photos on social media, such as this one showing off frozen eyelashes.

Believe it or not, this isn't even the RECORD low for the town. Temperatures hit 98 degrees below zero in Oymyakon back in 2013. For reference, the average temperature on Mars is about -80.  [Yahoo News]

I have a hard time when it's minus-10. I probably wouldn't last a day in this place.

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