Fun fact: I'm OBSESSED with game shows. I've always watched them and it's my lifelong dream to be a contestant on one. This "Wheel of Fortune" player had a similar dream, and now probably wishes he'd paid more attention in his college lit class.

A contestant named Kevin was one "M" away from completing the puzzle "A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE." Either Kevin wasn't familiar with one of the MOST FAMOUS PLAYS IN AMERICAN HISTORY, or he just got nervous. Either way, it's pretty embarrassing:

Yep..."A Streetcar Naked Desire."

My favorite part is Pat Sajak's reaction: "Nooooooooo."

And in the land of Twitter, nothing goes unnoticed. I actually feel bad for Kevin--even though I'm still laughing at him. This is the one thing that would terrify me about being on a game show. I'm such a good player at home that I'd get too cocky and blow it like this on national TV. Kevin should probably lay low for a couple weeks until this all blows over, and maybe spend some time brushing up on Tennessee Williams.

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