I'm guessing someone else will start bringing the kids to school. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, March 22nd, 2019.

Fort Worth, TX- A woman is suing a restaurant chain because her food was too hot. Yes, seriously.

Mushrooms' caps stuffed with cheese, onion, breadcrumbs and butter

According to the lawsuit, Danny Howard was eating at an Olive Garden in August 2017 and ordered the stuffed mushroom appetizer. She claims that she took a bite, and the mushroom immediately started to burn the inside of her mouth.

She allegedly began choking and ran through the restaurant seeking help before eventually vomiting. Howard claims that the damage to her mouth required medical attention.

The lawsuit claims that the restaurant was negligent for not warning her about the dangers of eating the hot food. The lawsuit is seeking up to $1 million in damages. [CBS 11]

I have sooooo many questions. Don't you EXPECT food to be hot when you go to a restaurant? Wouldn't you spit it out if it WAS too hot? Have you never eaten melted cheese before? Is this person actually a toddler?

Madison, WI- Those "Road Closed" signs are usually there for a reason.

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

A woman driving a red Volkswagen decided to ignore the signs...and plummeted into a massive hole that had been caused by severe flooding.

Police say the "motorist decided to go around our barricades...and did not see the hole in the road ...  Luckily she is alive but she did suffer significant injuries as a result of the accident."

Authorities say repairs to the highway will take some time to complete because there currently aren't any usable materials to rebuild the road. [NBC 15]

So, you know, pay attention to the signs...

Crestwood, KY- A school bus driver has been charged with drunken driving.

Oldham County (KY) Jail
Oldham County (KY) Jail

54-year-old Lesley Harvey (pictured) was carrying a busload of 33 elementary school students Friday when she crashed into a security barrier. She reported the accident to her supervisor but said there was no damage and continued driving.

Police say school officials then told Harvey to stop the bus, and she was taken to the hospital for a breath test.

Harvey faces charges of DUI, failure to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, and 33 counts of wanton endangerment. None of the kids were injured. [AP News]

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