You've definitely seen this on social media before.

Obviously, you have your birth name, but you've got five OTHER names, too! Here's what I came up with using the Random Name Generator...

1. Your Star Trek/Star Wars name (First three letters of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two of your first name): SLA JOEW (??)

2. Superhero name (Color of your shirt, the item nearest to your right): BLUE MOUSE

3. Goth name (Black, followed by the name of one of your pets): BLACK LEVI

4. Porn Star name (Middle name, street you've lived on): JOSEPH ROXBURY

5. Rapper name (Lil + last thing you ate): LIL POP-TART

All of mine are pretty good, except for the Star Wars/Star Trek one...that makes ZERO sense...but I could definitely print up some "Blue Mouse" t-shirts. Have some fun with this and comment below with your names! :-)

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