That's probably what it feels like being trapped in the Upside Down. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, November 2nd...

Fredonia, WI- We've got another legitimate contender for "Mom of the Year."

28-year-old Amber Schmunk bought a plastic pool for her kids in September--which sounds like a GREAT investment during autumn in Wisconsin, but I digress.

There wasn't enough room for the pool to fit in her van, so she wisely placed it on top of the van...but unwisely had her nine-year-old son sit on it. Someone spotted Schmunk driving with the child on the roof of the van and called 911.

Schmunk told police she strapped the boy down inside the pool, and thought he'd be safe because her father let her do stuff like that when she was growing up. Just A+ parenting all the way around.

Schmunk has been charged with felony reckless endangerment...which has a max sentence of TEN YEARS in jail. [FOX 6 - Milwaukee]

Arlington, TN- The director of an addiction center just got arrested...for public drunkenness...

Rebecca Farruggia allegedly attacked a security guard and two police officers Saturday night, and she continued to kick and swing at officers as she was handcuffed. Farruggia is the founder of an opioid & heroin treatment group which is affiliated with a larger rehabilitation clinic. That clinic has now suspended its relationship with Farruggia's support group.

She also faces a charge of resisting arrest and two felony counts of simple assault on a public servant. [WREG-TV]

Not exactly the best way to lead by example.

Sacramento, CA- This pretty much sums up what it's like dating a Millennial.

19-year-old Samantha Pellerin had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. On Monday, Pellerin realized he was still using her Netflix account. She went on the app and saw someone had begun watching new season of Stranger Things.

She realized it was her ex, so she plotted the ultimate revenge ... Pellerin waited until he was halfway through the season, and THEN she changed the password. And Pellerin, as Millennials tend to do, used Twitter to gloat:

This kind of savagery is the peak level of revenge in 2017. #PassiveAggressive

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