I thought St. Patrick's Day was all about green?? This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, March 21st, 2019.

Baldwin, MD- Police did what many could only dream of...they caught a unicorn!

A beautiful white Unicorn rears up on the top of a cliff on a misty day.

Authorities say 28-year-old Jacob William Rogge was wearing a pink-and-white unicorn costume when he smashed a convenience store register with a crowbar Saturday night.

Rogge stole some cash and cigarettes and fled the scene with his getaway driver, 27-year-old Joseph Svezzese.

In their haste, the suspects' car reportedly crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a utility pole, shrubbery and a boulder, which sent the car back across the road until it hit a tree. Both men suffered serious injuries and were checked into the hospital.

Cops say a discarded unicorn costume was later found in bushes. [Associated Press]

Chenzhou, China- A woman almost died after INJECTING herself with fruit juice.

The 51-year-old patient, identified as Zeng, is apparently a big health nut (emphasis on "nut").

Plate of Fresh Fruit

Last month Zeng mixed over 20 different types of juice, and hooked herself up to an I.V. She suffered a severe reaction that caused her skin to itch and her temperature to spike. But she didn't go to the hospital until later that night, when her husband found out what she did.

Zeng spent five days in intensive care due to liver, kidney, heart, and lung damage. Doctors say she was in danger of dying from multiple organ failure and sepsis.

Zeng said she thought fresh fruits were "very nutritious," and that it wouldn't hurt to just inject them straight into her bloodstream. [South China Morning Post]

Shawano County, WI- A woman is accused of adding some green to her St. Paddy's Day treats.

Shawano County Sheriff's Office
Shawano County Sheriff's Office

Police received a report on Saturday of a woman handing out cookies laced with drugs. A witness said a woman in a green St. Patrick's Day hat and leather coat gave her a cookie laced with marijuana, and that witness turned the cookie over to the deputies.

Authorities later tracked down 57-year-old Cathleen Krause, who was "visibly intoxicated" and had "alcohol and marijuana on her breath."

They asked her about the cookies and she pulled out a gallon-sized bag that contained cookie crumbs. Officers searched Krause and found a container with pills and some gummy candies containing THC.

Krause was charged with delivery and possession of marijuana and three counts of possession of a controlled substance. [KWQC]

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