A woman chucks a grill at her ex, Batman nabs an evildoer, and a deceitful dude gets caught up via social media...

Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada- A woman got arrested for violating her restraining order.

metal prison bars with handcuffs on black background

A judge issued a "no contact" order to 23-year-old Melanie Sheeran and her ex-boyfriend back in April. But, she recently came to his apartment to pick up some stuff. The two began arguing, which led to a physical fight.

According to police, Sheehan hit her ex in the head with his George Foreman Grill. The Sheehan also punched the victim’s TV while she was holding a pair of scissors. When police arrived they found the apartment in shambles and the victim bleeding from cuts on his head.

Sheehan pleaded guilty to assault, was sentenced to 60 days in jail AND 18 months probation, and must stay at least 1,500 feet away from him. [The Guardian]

I've been grilled by an ex before...but not quite like this.

Ft. Worth, TX- A shoplifter was stopped by Batman.


Officer Damon Cole dresses up as superheroes to meet kids and help them become more comfortable around police. He happened to be dressed as Batman at a local Walmart this weekend when he spotted a shoplifter trying to exit the store.

The man confessed to stealing four DVDs...one of which was the Lego Batman Movie.

After getting a written citation for attempting to steal less than $100 worth of merchandise, the man asked to take a selfie with Cole. The officer complied, as long as the suspect promised to not steal in the future. [Houston Chronicle]

I mean...what would YOU do? Pick a fight with Batman?

Cyberspace- A group of SEVEN women found out they were all dating the same guy...because of Snapchat.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Nathan--or F***boy Nathan, whichever you prefer--created a group chat that contained the message "Hey beautiful." It became pretty obvious that he had NO idea that they would all  be able to see that the message was sent to multiple women.

One of the ladies changed the name of the chat to "Nathan's Beautiful Girls," and the women began sharing their stories with each other. The group has even discussed meeting up in real life, which would make the public shame even worse than having your drama aired out on social media. [Mashable]

Apparently I'm the only one who proofreads before he sends ANYTHING...

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