The northeastern part of the country was (body) slammed by a snow storm this week. That didn't bother this guy.

A man in Pennsylvania named Michael Patrick got dressed up as the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage, climbed onto a roof of his house, gave a speech chastising the blizzard for not being as brutal as the hype and then jumped onto the ground.

This is...interesting and further proves the notion that the weather makes us do some weird things, like the guy who decided a blizzard would be the perfect time to go surfing for the first time.

And why he just so happened to have all those clothes to make him look like the WWF legend remains to be seen, but you can bet whenever anyone else in the house told him to throw them out, he probably did the whole "No, I may need them one day" thing. Turns out this "macho man" knew exactly what he was talking about.

We're just hoping that the next time snow comes pouring down he gets his Iron Sheik getup out.

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