If you think you're on your phone too much, things could be MUCH worse. This is "Crappy News" for Monday, February 25th.

Virginia Beach, VA- Two dentists have been accused of dealing drugs in exchange for dental work.


Dr. Gary Hartman is accused of prescribing more than 46,000 hydrocodone pills, more than 20,000 muscle relaxers and nearly 8,000 Oxycodone pills, as well as Vicodin, sleeping pills, and anxiety medications.

In a report by the DEA, Hartman would fix patients' teeth and write unnecessary prescriptions. Then they'd give him the pills, and he'd sell them.

Of the 22 patients Hartman prescribed pills to, one of them was Dr. Arnold Berger, who also had a dental practice in the city. The Virginia Board of Dentistry has stripped both doctors of their dental licenses. [CBS 3 - Norfolk]

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada- This guy has a--snug--new record.

blank blue t-shirt mock up template, front and back view, isolated white background
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Ted Hastings was flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records when his 11-year-old son encouraged him to attempt to break the record...for most t-shirts worn.

Hastings went online and ordered shirts up to 20XL and staged the attempt at a local gym.

He wound up donning 260 t-shirts, three more than the old record. Hastings said, "I think around a hundred shirts mark it felt like it was possible. And around the 150 shirt mark, I thought it was one of the dumber things I've signed up for."

Hastings said the event raised money for the school where his son and daughter attend. [Timmins Today / UPI]

Kaohsiung, Taiwan- This gal MIGHT want to limit her screen time...

A 25-year-old woman named "Chen" was complaining about severe eye pain. Apparently, Chen had her smartphone screen set to maximum brightness when she was outside and never changed it when she went back inside. And she kept this up for TWO YEARS.

Chen went to the hospital, where doctors found her left cornea was "congested with blood" and her eyesight had been permanently damaged. Doctors found 500 "holes" on her right cornea. Her eyes had deteriorated so much they looked like they'd been "baked in a microwave."

She was given a steroid treatment and her eyes have been slowly showing signs of improvement. [The Mirror]

You know what would help with that improvement? Putting your f***ing phone away!

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