Usually the law is only on your side if you don't break it first. Here's 'Crappy News' for Thursday, September 21st.

Halewood, Wales- A teen's good deed almost got him killed.

hiking route in green alpine forest

19-year-old Nathan French raised money for dementia research by hiking up Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales. French successfully climbed to the peak--about 3,600 feet--and did so wearing nothing but Superman underwear.

French complained that he wasn't feeling well while heading back down to the base of the mountain. Paramedics discovered his blood sugar and blood pressure had dropped and he was suffering the effects of hypothermia. Officials commended French for his motivations, but encouraged him to wear the "full" Superman outfit next time. [Guardian]

Warren County, OH- You hear of inmates sneaking drugs into jail all the time. Just not QUITE like this.

closeup of Colorful air balloons

46-year-old Casey McCary is currently serving a six-year prison term. He's accused of conspiring with his wife, 49-year-old Candy McCary, to attempt to smuggle balloons of meth inside the prison. Mrs. McCary hid the balloons in her bra before "conveying them" to her husband.

Before guards could intercept the drugs...Casey swallowed four of the balloons. He was placed in a holding cell and police had to wait five days to "retrieve" the evidence. Before they could...McCary swallowed them AGAIN--without washing them off.

Officers waited another four days for him to pass them again. The couple each face charges of drug possession and smuggling contraband. [Journal-News]

Fresno, CA- A man who robbed a Starbucks is suing the man who tried to stop him.

Swiss army knife

Back in July a 30-year-old man named Ryan Flores tried to rob the Starbucks while wearing a Transformers mask. During the attempt, 58-year-old Craig Jerri tried to stop Flores by hitting him with a chair. Flores pulled out a knife and the two men began fighting. Jerri wound up taking the knife and stabbing the suspect 17 times. And now Flores--the robber--is suing, citing excessive force.

Flores' mother is stating that he's the REAL victim and that Jerri "went from a Good Samaritan to a vigilante." The police chief calls the lawsuit "ludicrous." [San Francisco Chronicle]

Yeah...I don't see a judge feeling too sorry for this guy.

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