I guess she's never heard of Siri or Alexa. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, February 21st.

Provo, UT- A couple is engaged after a man successfully proposed...while in the back of a police car.


A man was pulled over for a traffic stop last Tuesday. The officer discovered the driver had a warrant for his arrest, so he was handcuffed and placed in a squad car. The suspect asked to speak to his female passenger from inside the car. He professed his love, asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

After accepting her beau's proposal, the bride-to-be was also arrested for drug violations.

Provo Police posted about the case on Facebook, saying they wouldn't identify the couple because they want them to "move past this arrest and have long, happy lives." [FOX 13 - Salt Lake City]

What a great story to share with the grandkids someday.

Cheshire, England- A couple sued their wedding photographer...for pretty much missing the entire thing.

A man focusing a camera (toned)

Steph and Paul Unwin got married back in June of 2015, and--like many couples--they were excited when they got their wedding photos back...until they actually looked through them.

Out of 1,636 photos, nearly a third of them were out of focus. Steph's in-laws weren't included, and there was only one photo of her own parents, but the album DID feature 96 pictures of her bridesmaids--including close-up shots of their cleavage and butts.

The Unwins sued David Kilcourse for ruining the memories of their special day.

Despite winning the $800 settlement, the couple found out that Kilcourse is still working as a wedding photographer. So they went public to try to save any other couples who might hire him. [Metro]

Cedar Falls- A woman dialed 911 because of a bad bathroom.

toilet paper

54-year-old Loretta Jones called police five separate times back in January. Two of the calls were because Jones couldn't get her television to work. The other three times Jones called 911 urging police to help get her toilet to flush.

Officers did eventually respond to one of her calls about the toilet, after which Jones was charged with making a false report. Cops say alcohol was a factor.

Police Chief Jeff Olson reminded the public that there is a non-emergency number for residents to call. [KWWL]

Turns out, I've had this kind of "emergency" before, too. It just usually involves Mexican food.

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