Sometimes the mood strikes in the smelliest of places. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, October 17th.

Shenandoah, PA- A man got arrested for doing what every father has likely dreamed about.


40-year-old Donald Jenkins found out that his 20-year-old daughter was in a motel room with her boyfriend...and he did NOT take it well.

Jenkins drove to the motel Sunday, burst into their room, and shot his daughter's boyfriend in the groin.

The victim was treated at a nearby hospital and released. Jenkins fled the scene after the shooting. He's still on the loose and wanted for aggravated assault and attempted homicide. [The Morning Call]

I'm sure he got his point across...but won't his daughter sneak around EVEN MORE now?

Brownsville, TX- This guy picked a VERY bad time to take a day off work.

Gilberto Escamilla worked at the local juvenile detention center coordinating food deliveries.

Chicken and Steak Fajitas on Cutting Board

Escamilla took a day off back in August for a doctor's appointment. While he was out, the center received a call about a shipment of 800 pounds of fajitas. An employee told the driver that they didn't serve fajitas...but the food company had been shipping them there for NINE YEARS.

Escamilla had been taking the deliveries for himself and re-selling them as a side business. All told, he'd stolen about $1.25 MILLION worth of fajitas since 2008.

Escamilla was arrested Tuesday on a felony charge of first-degree theft. [Brownsville Herald]

Sure, he stole a bunch of food and cost his employer. But think of all the customers that will no longer get to enjoy those fajitas. They're the REAL victims.

Clarksville, TN- A couple went to great lengths to get it on.

Toilet sign man and lady

Police were called to a bar early Saturday morning.

Officers arrived and found a man and a woman doing the "no-pants dance" inside the ladies' restroom. The couple--who SHOCKINGLY smelled of booze--were escorted out of the bar.

Police kept an eye on them to make sure they didn't attempt to drive home. Instead, the lovers entered a nearby porta-potty to finish what they'd started.

Both were charged with public intoxication & indecent exposure. [The Leaf-Chronicle]

They managed to find the ONE place to have sex that's actually more disgusting than a bar bathroom. Way to go! That'll be a great story to tell the grandkids someday.

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