Cops make a drug bust without having to leave a room, an officer gets dinged for DUI, and a man steals something you definitely don't need to steal during winter...

Secaucus, NJ- Three people forgot something VERY important in their hotel room last week.

Police received a report from hotel staff that they had found a vacuum-sealed bag of marijuana that had been left behind after someone checked out. Investigators determined the bag contained approximately one pound of weed, worth roughly $4,000. Surveillance cameras identified 26-year-old William Bonilla, 18-year-old Susana Velasquez, and 27-year-old Luis Riofrio-Arias as the suspects.

All three co-conspirators were arrested for intent to distribute. []

How much pot did you start with that you didn't know a POUND was missing? That could explain the forgetfulness...

Orlando, FL- 2015's Police Officer of The Year was arrested for DUI last weekend...

An Orange County Sheriff's deputy pulled over a pickup truck early Saturday morning after seeing the vehicle swerving and running a red light. The driver of the truck turned out to be fellow cop Ben Gauntlett, who had been named the county's Officer of the Year in 2015.

Gauntlett was shirtless, had a beer bottle cap in his pocket, and was still wearing a green paper wristband from the bars he visited earlier. Two empty beer bottles were also found behind the driver's seat. Gauntlett's B.A.C. was nearly three times the legal limit. He's been removed from his post. [News 6 Orlando]

I wonder if he tried the old "I swear to drunk I'm not God" routine?

Pine Township, IN- A would-be burglar chose an odd thing to steal.

Police responded to an alarm around 5:00 a.m. Thursday. Someone had attempted to break into a Dollar General by throwing a cinder block through the door. When that didn't work the frustrated thief broke the lock on a chest outside and made off with 25 bags of ice.

He stole ICE. In INDIANA. In JANUARY. [Northwest Indiana Times]

I guess he felt like he had to take something for his troubles.

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