I hope that this is just her pregnancy hormones on overload. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, March 13th.

Fair Haven, VT- The town is celebrating the election of its new mayor.

funny goat puts out its tongue

Lincoln, a 3-year old Nubian goat, was chosen to represent Fair Haven. The town doesn't have a human mayor, and Town Manager Joe Gunter thought of the idea as a way to raise money to replace a school playground.

Residents could nominate their pets as candidates in exchange for a $5 donation. Gunter said it "turned into a good civics lesson. Get the kids involved in town government. (I) thought this was a great way to break the ice with the kids."

Lincoln will spend her one-year mayoral term attending major functions, making public appearances and marching in the Memorial Day parade. Lincoln was officially sworn in on Tuesday. [UPI / Rutland Herald]

Spartanburg, SC- This REALLY puts "the customer is always right" to the test...

Taco Bell Overtakes Burger King As 4th Largest U.S. Fast Food Chain
Getty Images

The man entered a Taco Bell restaurant last Wednesday complaining that there was not enough meat on his Mexican pizza. An employee told police that she made him another one...however, he was equally displeased with his second pizza and demanded a refund.

She told him she couldn't give him his money back without a manager, so he JUMPED THE COUNTER, walked into the kitchen area, and made it himself. He then grabbed his food and stormed out.

Cops are still trying to locate the suspect, who faces charges of trespassing and larceny. [The Smoking Gun]

Zephyrhills, FL- A pregnant woman stabbed her boyfriend for looking at a picture of another girl.

Kitchen knife in a woman hand isolated on a white background

A roommate told police he showed a photo of a woman he wanted to date to the victim. 25-year-old Julitza Gonzalez, the victim's girlfriend, was also in the room.

A heated argument ensued and the roommate said he heard someone rummaging through drawers in the kitchen.

The man called 911 after the victim ran into the roommate’s bedroom with a stab wound to his stomach.

Police found a 5-inch steak knife with blood on it. Gonzalez denied stabbing the victim, claiming that he must have fallen on the blade. However, surgeons determined that his stab wound wasn't consistent with an accident.

Gonzalez was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. [FOX 13]

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