A married couple tries having too much of a good thing, a cop gets fired thinking his boss is hot, and a man's attempt to sue Walmart goes viral...

Schenectady, NY- A married couple were at a casino last week when they decided to take a different kind of gamble.


62-year-old Dmitri Houff & his 49-year-old wife, Elizabeth, arranged a threesome with 21-year-old Judy Maxwell for later in the evening.

Somewhere along the way, someone suggested the three-way turn into a four-way. It's unclear who brought it up or if the fourth was to be a man or a woman, but a huge argument broke out. The dispute turned physical when Judy threw a drinking glass at Elizabeth.

Both of the women were arrested for disorderly conduct, and the husband was arrested for obstruction. [The Smoking Gun]

Hey...you know what they say: "What happens in Schenectady STAYS in Schenectady."

West Sussex, England- A policeman tried to compliment his boss...and it didn't go well.


Mark Scruby had been on the police force for 14 years. But he recently got fired...for telling his boss that she looked like a PORN STAR.

Scruby sent an X-rated picture to Detective Sergeant Isobel Lee...and he also showed it to a bunch of other cops. Lee said she felt "embarrassed, humiliated and dirty" and reported him. Scruby appealed his firing and was reinstated. However, during a misconduct hearing last week, a judge upheld the original decision, and Scruby was removed from his post. [Metro]

At least now he'll have more time to look at porn stars that remind him of his boss...

Edinburg, TX- A man hilariously tried waiting for a Walmart sign to fall on him.

Manuel Garcia jokingly posted a picture of himself standing underneath the "Pharmacy Drive-Thru" sign...while the "P" was tilted sideways. He jokingly tweeted that he'd spent two days waiting for the letter to fall and hit him so he could sue Walmart. The problem? Most people--myself included--DIDN'T KNOW he was joking.

The Internet exploded with reactions--ranging from funny to stupid--about the merits of ACTUALLY trying to get away with it. Garcia says he didn't expect the photo to go viral; he simply saw the opportunity to post a silly picture. [Global News]

Further proof that you can never TRY to make something go viral.

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