A man tries to blow up Target, a pair of thieves leave an obvious trail, and a woman sues a flea market for making her blind...

Ocala, FL: A man thought of a great way to make some quick cash...TERRORISM.


49-year-old Mark Barnett planned on detonating a series of bombs in Target stores. He assumed their stock would go down due to the bad publicity and he could buy shares super cheap. He'd then wait until the market corrected and sell them for a profit.

Barnett placed the bombs in empty boxes of stuffing mix, breakfast bars and pasta, and hired a guy to put them in 10 different stores.

An explosives expert determined that the homemade bombs were capable of causing property damage, serious injury, or death to people nearby upon detonation. If he's convicted, Barnett faces up to 10 years in federal prison. [NBC News]

Smithfield, RI: Two thieves were caught in probably the easiest way imaginable.

Man removing snow after storm with a snowblower

Police received reports that a lawnmower and snowblower had been stolen from two different homes Wednesday.

Officers didn't take long to solve the caper...they followed footprints in the snow and found 48-year-old Kenneth White wheeling the snowblower into his driveway and loading it into a van. His accomplice, 46-year-old Ronald Borden was driving the van.

Both men were arrested in charge with conspiracy and receiving stolen property. [WPRI]

Perhaps you could've been a BIT more stealthy...

Lubbock, TX: A woman is suing a local flea market after the contact lenses she bought made her go blind!

Young woman with contact lense

Liza Garcia purchased the cosmetic contacts in February of 2016.

The lawsuit states that after three days of wearing the contacts, Garcia's eyes began burning and becoming swollen.

She went to the ER, but even with medical care her eyes continued to deteriorate. She was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, which permanently damaged both of her eyes, leaving them with ulcers and scar tissue.

Garcia is seeking more than one million dollars, claiming that she has experienced substantial pain, suffering, and mental anguish as a result of her eye injuries. [Full Story]

If only there were somewhere else you could go to buy those...like...I don't know...a DOCTOR'S OFFICE?

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