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A woman is willing to kill over a taco, a man is literally caught with his pants down, and a monk could be the most peaceful drug kingpin ever...

HOUSTON, TX- Cold food led to a hot temper.

authentic mexican barbacoa, carnitas and chicken tacos

A couple visited a taco truck early Monday morning...the woman got upset because her taco was cold and the guy working the truck refused to reheat it. Then her boyfriend did the worst thing you could possibly do to a pissed-off woman--he told her to CALM DOWN. She reacted by pulling a gun out of her purse and SHOOTING him.

The girlfriend was taken into custody and the victim is expected to be fine. [ABC 13]

That guy will never look at #TacoTuesday the same way ever again...

PITTSBURGH, PA- This guy DEFINITELY had a case of the Mondays.


51-year-old Daniel Marchese was arrested after police found him passed out behind the wheel with his pants pulled down below his waist. Witnesses told police Marchese was also wearing women's lingerie had been pleasuring himself while inside the car.

When police tried to help, Marchese became combative, kicking officers, damaging patrol cars, and shouting racial slurs and expletives. Cops searched his vehicle and found two handguns as well as an open bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Marchese now faces a litany of charges, including aggravated assault, indecent exposure, DUI, firearms possession, and making terroristic threats. [TribLive / The Smoking Gun]

Yikes...I hope this guy didn't bet any money on the Falcons.

YANGON, MYANMAR- A Buddhist monk is being questioned about his role in a drug trafficking ring.

Lantern Festival Celebrates Buddha's Birthday
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Police received a tip about the monk's dealings on Sunday. An anti-drug task force found 400,000 meth pills in the monk's car as well as about $800 in cash.

A subsequent search of his monastery turned up an additional 4.2 MILLION pills along with a grenade and ammunition.

Authorities say the man will have to give up his monkhood and face trial as a common citizen. [Associated Press]

I wonder how that "vow of silence" will work in prison...

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