Happy Hump Day! Here are today's top stories...

North Lawrence, NY- This store may want to reconsider its bathroom situation.


29-year-old woman Amber Bueker went to a convenience store on Monday and asked to use their restroom. They gave her the key, which was attached to a big spoon. And while she was in the bathroom, she used that spoon to cook HEROIN.

Once she was done, she returned the bathroom key, and the employees noticed the spoon was burnt. Police were called and Bueker was arrested for drug possession. [North Country Now]

Hey, when you need a fix...you NEED A FIX. Even if it's in a gas station bathroom.

Key West, FL- A fugitive got caught due to trying to be thrifty.


37-year-old Jamaal Seymour of Sandy Springs, Georgia was wanted for several violent crimes, including strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon. Key West police got a tip that he might be hiding out there, so they alerted local businesses.

And they caught a break when he went to a CVS and swiped his rewards card to get a discount. The clerk notified police, and they were able to track Seymour down within a few hours. [Florida Keys News]

This guy forgot the most important rule...NEVER leave a digital trail.

Hall County, GA- A middle school teacher has been arrested for drug trafficking.

28-year-old Karla Alvarez is a Spanish teacher and girls soccer coach at a charter school outside of Atlanta...at least she was until this happened.

Police received a tip of possible drug activity in the neighborhood last week. Agents seized more than $6 MILLION in drugs from the home, including 61 kilos (that's 134 POUNDS) of cocaine!

Alvarez and 24-year-old Monica Pascual Brito were arrested and charged with intent to distribute narcotics. A third suspect has still not been found. [Fox 5 Atlanta]

At least Netflix now has the plot for the next season of Narcos...

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