One couple proved that you CAN put a price on your child's love. Here are today's top stories...

Greene County, TN- Two parents are behind bars for trying to sell their baby on Craigslist.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

26-year-old John David Cain & 37-year-old Deanna Greer allegedly struck a deal with undercover agents last week at a Dollar General to swap their five-month old in exchange for $3,000.

Authorities say Cain & Greer "knowingly placed the child in threat of serious danger by selling the child to an unknown person." The darling couple was arrested for aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect. The baby is now with Child Services. [WATE-TV]

Apparently, kids are REALLY expensive. Who knew???

Elkmont, AL- A man was arrested for public intoxication, but police got a bit more than they were expecting.


23-year-old Jesse Roberts was booked on Tuesday. Once at the jail, cops noticed Roberts was walking funny. As they conducted their search, an unloaded .380 caliber pistol fell out of his NO-GO hole! Upon "recovering" the weapon, officers concluded that the gun had been stolen.

Roberts now faces added charges for receiving stolen property, introducing contraband, and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. [The Smoking Gun]

All of those charges sound especially hilarious when you consider WHERE they found the gun.

Sebastian, FL- A couple tried to get out of being arrested by claiming to be part of the Illuminati.

Police received a complaint last week of a couple fooling around under a blanket outside. When cops arrived, 25-year-old George Davis & 37-year-old Kristin Morrow berated officers and the duo asserted that they were members of the Illuminati and free masons.

Davis & Morrow also claimed to be "famous music talent" and that the police had no authority over them.

Each was charged with disorderly conduct. [Sebastian Daily]

Unless you're Beyonce & Jay-Z...ain't nobody falling for that.

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