A criminal has a very unfortunate name, thieves give themselves away, and a story from earlier this week has a reality show-like plot twist...

Hudson, FL- A man was arrested after accidentally shooting himself at a Dollar general.

gun with bullets

Jason Trigger--yes, that's his real name--was in the store when the pistol he was carrying fell out off his pants, landed on the floor and fired a round into his ankle.

Trigger took himself to the hospital, where police later arrested him. He has multiple felony convictions on his record, so the whole "felon with a gun" thing isn't the best look. Plus, his last name is Trigger...irony seems lost on him. [WPTV.com]

Santa Clara, CA- Two thieves stole a bunch of stuff that helped them get caught.


The two burlglars broke into a tech company last week. The culprits made off with nearly $18,000 in cell phone chargers...or so they thought. The stolen devices were actually GPS trackers.

When the company realized what had been taken they reported it to police and gave cops their tracking software, which was able to pinpoint the thieves' exact location. [KRON-TV]

The crime was clearly more advanced than the crooks trying to pull it off...

Manchester, England- Earlier this week, I told you about a couple that was recorded having sexy time on an airplane...


We thought it was just a drunk couple that got a bit carried away. Turns out, the man and woman had NEVER met until that day. And....PLOT TWIST...the male participant has a pregnant fiancee at home (because of course he does). He was on his way to Ibiza for his bachelor party.

Not sure that having a complete stranger straddle you on an airplane is the best way to conceal your indiscretions, but horny dudes have never been known for making the best decisions. [Metro]

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