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A guy dances to distract police, a convenience store owner sticks it to his competition, and a dude has a VERY strong bond with a horse...

Port St. Lucie, FL- A guy distracted cops by doing "The Chicken Dance."


44-year-old Shane Forsythe was pulled over last month. And after he stopped, he got out the car and began doing "The Chicken Dance" as a diversion so his friend could get away.

The distraction actually worked...his friend took off running and police were unable to track him down. BUT, they did find a small amount of heroin in Forsythe's SUV. He claimed it was his passenger's, but he couldn't prove it and his friend was gone.

Forsythe now faces a felony drug charge. []

But hey, at least he was able to outsmart police for about twelve seconds...

Boston, MA- A spurned convenience store owner is getting revenge.

Abu Musa used to own a 7-Eleven in South Boston.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

He grew frustrated with the company because he was forced to sell hot food items like hot dogs and chicken wings that were rarely purchased. After a lengthy legal battle with the corporate office Musa walked away from the store in 2014. Last year he opened a rival store...called 6-12...ACROSS THE STREET.

He's selling bus passes, providing a UPS dropoff point, and carrying a variety of items that 7-Eleven doesn't have. But the biggest advantage? Musa knows the price of everything inside 7-Eleven and sells HIS products more cheaply. Oh, and he claims he'll never sell any hot food. [Boston Globe]

Good job finding a better mousetrap...and here's hoping 7-Eleven doesn't try to sue your pants off...

Dateland, AZ- A man was caught looking for love in all the wrong places...


Officers allegedly have video evidence of 20-year-old Christopherson Maynes copulating with a female horse.

Police are still investigating whether either the property or the mare belonged to Maynes...though I can't see how that makes ANY difference in this particular scenario.

Maynes was arrested on charges of bestiality, indecent exposure and animal cruelty. [AZ Family]

Could you imagine being the cop having to watch that??? Put some unsuspecting rookie on THAT case...

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