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A man makes the cops' jobs really easy, a counterfeiting couple gets clipped, and a guy REALLY doesn't want his sister getting married...

Muskogee, OK- A criminal decided to cut out the middle man.


22-year-old Michael Myers called 911 early Tuesday morning and reported that he placed a bomb inside the police station. Myers also allegedly claimed he was a terrorist and would be turning himself in.

They traced the call and realized that Myers used a pay the LOBBY of the police station. Myers now faces a felony charge of making a telephone bomb threat. [The Smoking Gun]

If he was trying to get arrested...he found a pretty foolproof way to make it happen.

Fairfield, CT- A couple tried to return items they bought with counterfeit money...but were given back the same fake bills.

Ingram Publishing
Ingram Publishing

The culprits purchased $780 worth of items at a Victoria's Secret on Monday, and paid for it with a bunch of counterfeit $100 and $50 bills (although, they must have had at least some actual money). Later in the day, the couple came back to the store and tried to return the stuff they bought.

The plan was to TRY to get back real bills...but the counterfeits were the only large bills in the register. The clerk figured out the scam when the woman told her the cash was fake. The couple took off when the cashier threatened to call police. [Fairfield Citizen]

Jamesport, MO- A man objected to his sister's wedding...and went pretty far to prove his point.

Rear view of a bride and groom
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25-year-old Conrad Kaufman ABDUCTED his sister a week before she was set to marry. According to police, Kaufman picked up his sister, Cindy, drove to Illinois and confined her in his truck.

Faith appears to be the root of the issue; the Kaufman family is Amish and her fiancee's family is Mennonite, and the Kaufmans felt that Cindy was being led down the wrong path. Conrad was arrested and charged with felony first-degree kidnapping. The wedding takes place tomorrow. [News-Press]

That's going to make Christmas suuuuuuuper awkward.

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