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A guy runs away AFTER stealing a car, a gamer costs himself an 11-year streak, and a man keeps up a creepy collection...

Charlotte, NC- A man stole a sports car, but wasn't smart enough to keep driving it...

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28-year-old Domanique Mobley stole a $71,000 Corvette from a dealership Monday afternoon. Police say Mobley was asking to test-drive Corvettes when he got keys from a sales rep and took off.

The dealer called police and used GPS tracking to find the car. Police said Mobley fled on foot when officers approached him. Yep...he stole a car that can go 200 MILES PER HOUR but thought running away was a better option.

Mobley was brought in and charged with motor vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and resisting arrest. [WBTV]

And that car salesman is probably definitely fired.

Somewhere in Cyberspace- A guy lost an 11-year streak...because he got married.

Brand X Pictures
Brand X Pictures

Ray Cox, better known as "Stallion83" in the video game world, has had the highest XBox gamer score ever since they began keeping track back in '06. Basically, the more games you play and the more rewards you unlock, the higher the score. So...he plays A LOT.

Cox held the coveted top spot for 11 YEARS...but recently lost it because he took a week off for his wedding and honeymoon. [True Achievements]

I don't know what's more surprising: that someone can play video games that much or that he was actually able to leave his house long enough to find a wife.

Tokyo, Japan- Police arrested a man suspected of stealing women's underwear.


61-year-old Yasushi Kobayashi was caught on video taking undergarments from a costume shop back in April. When cops searched Kobayashi's home they found more than 1,000 stolen articles of lingerie, panties, and other women's clothing.

Kobayashi admitted that he'd been stealing ladies' underwear and stockings for 20 years. He'd use his truck to make deliveries for work and then drive by balconies and laundromats to pilfer the panties. [Japan Today]

This guy takes the term "panty raid" to a whole different level...

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