Honestly, this guy had so much booze in him that he probably didn't even notice. Here's your 'Crappy News' for July 20th.

Manitowoc, WI- Police accidentally set a suspect on fire.

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32-year-old Travis Tingler was arrested Friday night after officers found him standing naked in the street. Tingler was shouting obscenities and threatening to harm people at a nearby house. Cops suspected he was impaired and tried to arrest him. Tingler refused to get into the patrol car, so officers tried to subdue him with a Taser.

Police say Tingler picked up a lighter during the struggle, and when the stun gun probe hit the lighter, his beard and chest hair CAUGHT ON FIRE.

Tingler continued to fight and punched an officer in the face before another Taser shot brought him down. Tingler tested positive for marijuana and had a blood alcohol level of .177--more than twice the legal limit. [Fond du Lac Reporter]

Ft. Pierce, FL- A hooker was arrested during a prostitution sting Tuesday night.


49-year-old Debra Thomes approached the vehicle of an undercover cop and introduced herself as the "Million Dollar Ho." Which is peculiar, since she only offered her services for a grand total of $40. Thomes then lifted up her dress and exposed her naughty bits, prompting the officer to signal for backup.

Thomes was also arrested back in June for felony prostitution. [The Smoking Gun]

Shouldn't that be considered false advertising? Or should she just simply charge more?

Daytona Beach, FL- A man hatched the WORST PLAN EVER to get his phone back.


23-year-old Eric Ross left his cell phone inside a house and couldn't get back in to retrieve it. So...he did what any normal, rational, sensible guy would do: he called 911 to report a SHOOTING.

He must have realized there was some risk involved in this plan, because he told the dispatcher to make sure the police didn't shoot him when they got there. Ross was arrested and charged with misuse of 911. AND...cops found out he tried breaking into the house before he called, so they charged him with burglary, too. [Palm Beach Post]

He managed to use a phone to call 911...even though HIS phone was in the house. Which means someone else let him use THEIR phone. That's two times the stupidity.

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