The guy challenged the cops last week and had to pay up. This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, October 20th.

Pittsburgh, PA- A teacher a seriously injured after being attacked by the mother of a student.

Defocused shot of ambulance on a city street

46-year-old Janice Watkins confiscated the cell phone of a female fourth-grade student. who then bit Watkins. The student’s parents came to the school, with the mother allegedly telling Watkins she was “going to get even.”

Police say the girl's parents followed Watkins in her car. She rolled her window down and the student's mother threw a brick at her face. Watkins lost a tooth and suffered facial injuries.

School District officials refused to comment on the incident. [KDKA-TV]

Another solid contender for "Mother of the Year." Seriously...who lets their kid act like that??

Longmont, CO- A man knocked out power to a store...using an adult toy.

Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed

33-year-old James Kramer purchased an erotic whip at a sex store last week.

Later that day, an employee found Kramer tampering with the company van. The employee threatened to call 911 and Kramer attacked him with a garden hoe. Kramer later jammed the whip into the breaker box of the store...but it was a DIFFERENT store.

He was booked for felony menacing, misdemeanor criminal mischief and criminal tampering. [Boulder Daily Camera]

You know, if you're going to buy an EROTIC WHIP, don't use it for regular, non-erotic whipping purposes. What are you, some kind of amateur?

Redford Twp., MI- The guy who taunted police on social media finally gave himself up.


Last week, I told you about Michael Zaydel--a.k.a Champagne Torino--a wanted man who boasted that he'd turn himself in if the police department's next Facebook post was shared 1,000 times. The cops took a screenshot of Zaydel's message--which also promised a dozen donuts--and it received nearly 4,000 shares.

Zaydel proved to be a man of his word. He walked into the police station Monday night...and delivered a dozen donuts (plus, a bagel!).

Zaydel also claimed that he'd pick up litter around all public schools in the area, so we'll see if he lives up to that, too. [Mashable]

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