This is NOT going to be a fun convo to have with Human Resources. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, August 25th.

Toledo, OH- A man got arrested for being a real Hallo-weenie.

Halloween candy

48-year-old Christopher Burks was busted at a Kohl's store Monday night after urinating on a Halloween display. Security footage showed Burks relieving himself and destroying $603 worth of Halloween candy ( bad did this guy need to go???)

Burks was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage. [The Smoking Gun]

This is what happens when you start forcing holidays on us too early. For shame, Kohl's. For shame.

Berlin, Germany- A high school is building a fence to protect students...from prostitutes.

Jens Handt
Jens Handt

The city spent $67,000 to build the six-foot-tall, 400-foot-long barrier in hopes of keeping any X-rated activities outside of school property.  A spokesman for the school district said that vans were dropping off women right in front of the school.

"Prostitutes can be seen soliciting clients at all hours of the day there. A build-up of discarded condoms and syringes...were evidence that the school grounds were being used in unsavory ways.”

Most residents are in favor of the fence being...erected. [USA Today]

In America, our schools have a metal detector. In Germany, they have anti-prostitution fences. Not sure which one is safer...

Somewhere on the Internet- A man ghosted his girlfriend 10 years ago...and now she's his BOSS.

The anonymous man posted on the website Ask A Manager:

More than a decade ago, when I was still young, I was in a relationship with a woman, Sylvia ...  [she] wanted to settle down but I was not ready to commit so young ... I did not know what to do and, well, I ghosted her. Over the Christmas break, while she was visiting her family, I simply moved out and left the country.

The man is now a teacher and an international school, and his ex was just named the new school director. Now...maybe you're thinking "it's probably not so bad, they weren't together long, she might not even remember him." You'd be wrong, because the mystery man and Sylvia were apparently together for THREE YEARS. Awkward.

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