This guy is a strong contender for 'Dad of the Year.' And this is 'Crappy News' for Monday, September 18th.

Tiffin, IA- A man was arrested for driving drunk...while his kid was in the car. What a swell guy.

Drunk driving

36-year-old Craig Vorba was stopped by police after driving erratically on I-380 Friday night. The officer noticed Vorba's three-year-old child climbing into the back seat.

Police say Vorba smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech. A breathalyzer test showed that Vorba had a blood alcohol reading of .328 -- more than FOUR times the legal limit. He faces charges of OWI and child endangerment. [CBS 2]

I don't know what you say about this other than "wow." Thankfully he didn't hurt anyone.

New Port Richey, FL- A woman was arrested after beating up a man...who turned her down for sex.


Rebecca Phelps was at home drinking with the victim early Thursday morning. When he spurned her advances Phelps allegedly started screaming before hitting and scratching the victim, leaving red marks on his face and arms.

Phelps has been charged with battery. [WFLA]

I think we've all been in that situation before; when you want REALLY want some. But she obviously missed the part where "No means no."

Milford, CT- A marriage is likely coming to a very...messy...end.

Two toothbrushes in the glass.

48-year-old Leslie Laing was arrested for violating a protective order. Last week, Laing’s estranged husband filed a complaint that she had tampered with his personal property. Police stated that Laing was collecting items from her soon-to-be-ex's house...when she put feces on his toothbrush.

It's unclear if her husband USED the toothbrush before finding out (sorry for giving you that mental image). Police conducted a DNA test and confirmed that Laing's feces matched the "sample" from the toothbrush. []

At least she had the decency to use her own poo. I’d have to be a total psycho to use dung that wasn't either yours or his, right?

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