I'm guessing there probably won't be a second date. This is 'Crappy News' for Monday, 10/23/17.

Lake Charles, LA- A woman apologized to police...with sweets.

Celina Dally was arrested at a wine tasting event on October 7th. She became belligerent with police and even tried to bite an officer.

Dally felt embarrassed about the incident, so she tried to right her wrong by sending a cookie cake to the cop that arrested her. The cake said "Sorry I tried to bite you."

Despite the adorable and delicious sentiment, Dally is still being charged with public intoxication and battery of an officer. [KPLC-TV]

She SHOULD get arrested for doing the "duck face" in that picture.

Council Bluffs, IA- Six Iowa Western students have turned themselves in following a large brawl last month.


The incident happened during an event known as the "Twerking Olympics," which was being held at an off-campus bar. At some point during the night things went sideways.

Unfortunately, about THIRTY people started fighting...and they kept the fight going back at the college dorms. Police say chairs and trash cans were thrown, windows were smashed out, some of the participants were seen using blunt objects and others used tear gas in the brawl.

Eight suspects were charged for their role in the fight. [Omaha World-Herald]

I always thought that twerking was a peaceful activity...

Iowa City, IA- A man has been arrested after breaking into a woman's car...while they were on a date.


35-year-old George Morris was at a bar with the victim last month. At some point during the date, Morris stepped out. The woman became suspicious and went outside to check on him. Police allege that Morris used a rock to break a rear passenger window and unlock the back door. Morris proceeded to grab his bag, as well as the victim’s makeup case, cell phone, and $20 from her wallet.

Morris also cut himself on the broken glass and bled throughout the interior and exterior of the victim's car. He's been charged with third-degree burglary and could face two years in prison. [The Gazette]

I've never stolen anything on a date. Except hearts.

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