Radio hosts usually tell listeners some form of the phrase "don't touch that dial." But this guy definitely should have touched that dial.  This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, July 12th.

Boston, MA- A song request led to a three-hour police standoff...

A man drove to Kiss 108 in Boston Monday afternoon to request the song "My Axe" by Insane Clown Posse.

Axe laying on the wooden floor

And just to make sure he got his point across...he brought an ACTUAL axe with him. Witnesses saw the guy ranting outside and called 911.

Officers boxed in the suspect’s car outside the building and the standoff began as the suspect drank beer and huffed something from a paper bag. Police unsuccessfully tried to subdue him with a Taser, but he was eventually arrested and nobody was hurt.

The police say the man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. [CBS Boston]

I mean, the guy still listens to ICP, so the psychiatric evaluation probably should go without saying. Unless there are any Juggalos are reading which case, you're all WONDERFUL humans and please don't murder me.

And now...for a story featuring actual crap...

Manchester, NH- A mom is furious after her son came out of a kids' play area covered in POO.

Getty Images

Justina Whitmore was at McDonald's last Thursday with her son, Gabriel. Gabriel came out of the playpen to find his mom and tell her that there was poop inside the slide. The child who'd used the slide immediately before him had a soiled diaper.

Whitmore tried to clean off her son, but there was no soap in the bathroom. And when she confronted employees they laughed at her and refused to help. Whitmore shared video of the argument on Facebook, and it's been shared nearly 6,000 times. She says she's still waiting for an apology from the owner. [WFXT]

Slidell, LA- A woman was busted for drunk driving while trying to get ANOTHER drunk driver out of jail.


Officers pulled over a "car full of drunks" on Saturday night. They arrested the driver for DWI, and sent the remaining passengers home in cabs. One of those passengers returned about an hour later to pick up his car and drove it to the police station.

The cops recognized her and realized what happened, so she got arrested, too. Adding to the shame, Slidell P.D. also posted about the incident on their Facebook page. [UPI]

It's almost as if drunk people make poor decisions...

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