Sure, those twist ties used on bags of bread are annoying, but we all learn to accept them.

Well, not all of us.

A photo recently popped up on Twitter where someone showed how his roommate opened a loaf of bread.

Either this roommate is a rabid dog, the Hulk or a guy who just has no patience for the proper way to gain access to bread.

We shudder at the thought of how he probably stabs a bag of crisps with a pair of scissors and slices it down the middle to avoid trying to open it at the top because we've all endured that struggle. And heaven knows the kind of mess he makes opening a box of cereal. We get the feeling Cheerios are strewn about their apartment.

It's a highly unusual method for opening bread and isn't exactly the best way to keep it from going stale. And it definitely has people seeing bread red.

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