'C' is for cocaine, that's good enough for me. Here's more 'Crappy News' for Thursday, July 13th...

Largo, FL- A couple's public sex sesh was stopped by police.


45-year-old Tabatha Lehman & 46-year-old Craig Schultheis were caught by police early Monday morning “naked from the waist down performing sexual activities on each other."

The pair was NOT happy that their rendezvous was cut short. Schultheis told police that he was "just trying to get a piece of ass." I can't say on the radio what she told the cop, but let's just say she made it clear she was THOROUGHLY enjoying herself.

Both were arrested for misdemeanor "exposure of sexual organs." [The Smoking Gun]

If I were that cop I'd tase myself for having to witness that.

Tallahassee, FL- A man was arrested after trying to rob a convenience store...with a sword.


48-year-old Reginald Lide entered the store Thursday night, pointed a two-foot-long sword at the owner, and demanded a beer. The owner was able to fight him off--with a broom handle.

Cops found Lide backing out of the front door of the business. pointing his finger toward the store and throwing objects inside. Lide was arrested for robbery with a weapon, and--sadly--never got his beer. [Tallahassee Democrat]

You know the old saying...never bring a sword to a broom fight.

Key West, FL- A man is facing narcotics charges after cops found drugs stashed inside a plush doll.

Cookie Monster Doll Cocaine
Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Police say 39-year-old Camus Lorenzo McNair was pulled over Wednesday for having his car's license plate obscured. The officer smelled marijuana so he searched McNair's vehicle and found a backpack with a stuffed Cookie Monster doll inside.

The cop thought the doll was heavier than usual, so he cut it open and found two packages of cocaine.

The baggies contained more than 300 grams of the booger sugar, which has a street value of approximately $6,000. McNair was charged with drug possession and trafficking. [The Smoking Gun]

I'm just mad he had to bring Cookie Monster into this whole mess...

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