I'm not one to defend Walmart, but this seems a TAD BIT excessive. Here's 'Crappy News' for Monday, November 13th.

Gwinnett County, GA- A robbery suspect got caught after stopping to do a TV interview.

Robbery in the office

A local news reporter was doing a riveting, hard-hitting story about traffic when she asked a man for an interview. 24-year-old Eric Rivers agreed to take part in the story. What the reporter didn't know was that Rivers had just robbed a bank. And he robbed ANOTHER one following the interview.

The staff at the first bank saw Rivers walk toward the news van and called 911. Police reviewed the interview footage, identified Rivers, and tracked him down. Authorities say he visited five banks in the area and successfully robbed two. [CBS 46 - Atlanta]

Congratulations...you played yourself.

Harrisburg, PA- A drunk man showed up to vote...on the wrong day.

You have to applaud the guy for his dedication, right?


34-year-old Douglas Shuttlesworth went to his local polling place to cast his vote last week. But there were two problems. One, he was intoxicated. Two, he showed up on a Monday.

Making things worse...Shuttlesworth's nearest polling place was an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Employees called police, and Shuttlesworth was arrested for suspicion of DUI. It's unclear if he made it back to vote on Tuesday. [PennLive]

I've obviously heard of DUI...this is the first time I've ever heard of a VUI, voting under the influence. Although that may explain last year's Presidential election...

Phenix City, AL- A man successfully sued Walmart because of a fruity fall.

Henry Walker was awarded $7.5 MILLION last week due to an injury he sustained while shopping in June 2015.


Walker claimed he fell and broke his pelvis after his foot got stuck underneath a pallet while reaching for a watermelon.

Walker's attorney said Walmart should have covered the pallet, which would've prevented his client from tripping. The store is appealing the verdict, claiming the payout is excessive and that any negligence was Walker's fault. [MSN Money]

Ok...this gentleman is probably older and I'm sorry he got hurt. But $7 million because you didn't LOOK DOWN? You literally got paid money for not paying attention.

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