State police in Nebraska investigated a Saturday Sasquatch sighting.

Bigfoot Outdoors

In a report by the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, Harriett McFeely of Hastings, NE, claims that she and a friend were driving back from Omaha on Saturday night. The friend, Robin Roberts, dropped of McFeely at home and continued driving. McFeely says she received a call a short time later from Roberts claiming that she'd spotted a Bigfoot roaming near the shoulder along Interstate 80.

The Bigfoot was reportedly standing inside fencing meant to keep deer away from the road, only about 20 feet from Roberts' car. McFeely said Roberts told her the Bigfoot was approximately eight feet tall and "really heavy and stocky." Nebraska State Patrol responded to the report but posted on its Facebook page that the "Sasquatch remained elusive."

BTW, McFeely just so happens to be the coordinator of the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, where her friend just so happens to be a guest speaker, though I'm sure that's purely coincidental...

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