This kid's life is off to a terrific start. Here is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, 10/25/17.

Greensburg, PA- A man has been arrested after trying to sell drugs at the maternity ward of a hospital.

Drug user taking in heroin with syringe

25-year-old Cody Hulse was busted following a traffic stop Thursday night. Cops found heroin and drug paraphernalia inside the car, and the driver informed police that he'd purchased the drugs from Hulse, who was at the hospital for the birth of his child.

Officers later confronted Hulse in the maternity room, where he admitted to selling the drugs. He also had heroin in his possession. He was in court on Friday after being charged with heroin delivery and endangering the welfare of children. []

Another strong contender for "Father of the Year."

Sagle, ID- A woman tried to warm up on a chilly night...and accidentally burned her house down.

Fireman extinguishes a fire in an old wooden house

The tenant was alone Thursday night when she attempted to start a pouring diesel fuel in her fireplace. Firefighters arrived and put out the blaze in about 30 minutes--but not before the home sustained $300,000 in damages.

The woman received minor injuries but refused medical treatment. The fire chief took this opportunity to remind people that using accelerants to start a fire is NOT a good idea. Unless, of course, you're trying to burn down your house...which this lady obviously wasn't. [US News]

Duluth, MN- Officers were looking for deer poachers last weekend and found ghost hunters instead.


Two DNR agents were at a cemetery Saturday night investigating a report of people illegally shining lights looking for deer. The officers noticed two people with bright lights walking through the graveyard.

The agents caught up to them and the two women admitted they were using their phone camera flash to locate ghosts. They claimed they ran because they didn't want the officers to make fun of them. So now, instead, people all over the world are making fun of them. []

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