Being a kleptomaniac does not have an age limit. this is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, July 19th.

Nokomis, FL- A bank robber was busted because of his generosity.

Ingram Publishing
Ingram Publishing

45-year-old Jonathan Myers stole from the bank on Monday morning. Police were looking for him when a cafe owner called to report a suspicious man tipping the staff with $50 bills.

However, the revelry was shortlived. Myers only got to share the wealth for about 20 minutes before being arrested. [Florida Keys News]

Maybe he'll get a lesser sentence for having a heart of gold...

Middletown, OH- This story should actually make your skin crawl.

Exterminators Tackle Growing U.S. Bed Bug Problem
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Gerald Moore told police Friday morning that he heard fireworks going off. He got up and found that a firework had been ignited under his car and his house had a broken window.

Moore also noticed that bed bugs had been dumped through the window into his home. After hearing a noise at the front door, Moore said he also found numerous bed bugs outside. He identified a possible suspect but police are still looking for him. [Dayton Daily News]

Seriously? Like, who just has a bunch of bed bugs hanging around? I would NOT want to sleep over at that dude's house...

Chamblee, GA- An octogenarian jewel thief got caught in the act...

86-year-old Doris Payne is famous for her much so that she's the subject of a Netflix documentary titled The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne.


Doris Payne (Photo: Chamblee [GA] Police Dept.)[/caption] 

Well, Doris was at it again this week when she was caught shoplifting at WALMART. An employee saw Payne attempt to steal $86 worth of goods from the pharmacy, grocery, and electronics sections. When the cops took her to jail, they realized she was wearing an electronic ankle monitor...because she's on probation from when she stole a necklace back in September.

Doris claims she's been stealing jewelry since she was in her 20s and she's stolen more than $2 million worth of bling. [CNN]

Hey, you're never too old to do what you love. Some grannies like to knit, some like to cook, she likes to steal. Live it up, Doris. Live it up.

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