Their parenting skills are on fleek. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, November 28th.

Lapel, IN- A nine-year-old got out of Black Friday stealing her mom's car.

Police Car Closeup

The child became separated from her mother on Friday and took off in her mom's Jeep. The mom reported the theft to police, who found the child driving the vehicle on a nearby highway.

She ended up in a police chase that hit speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.  We wouldn't normally call that a "high-speed" chase, but it's pretty fast for a third-grader.

She made it about 10 miles before they finally stopped her. The girl then refused to get out of the vehicle and police had to break out a window and pull her from it. Somehow, nobody was injured, but the child could face charges. [WRTV - Indianapolis]

This kid either REALLY hates Black Friday shopping, or her mom was so focused on it that she stopped paying attention.

Sumter County, FL- A woman was arrested for barking at her neighbor's dogs.

60-year-old Lori Jo Matthews got angry on Sunday when her neighbors let their dogs out into the yard to relieve themselves.


Matthews was upset that the dogs were barking, so she did what any normal person would do--she went outside and barked BACK at them.

Matthews then went to the dog owner's home and slapped her across the face. She denied any wrongdoing when police arrived and started brawling with the cops.

Matthews has been charged with battery and resisting arrest. []

I guess you could say she's in the doghouse.

LaGrande, WA- A couple was arrested for getting intimate in their car...while driving.


These two are as good at parenting as they are at multitasking.

The lovers were both fully nude--having sex in the FRONT SEAT--when the driver missed a curve, spun off the highway and collided with a tree. Both of them were still naked when cops arrived...and found the couple's three-month-old baby in the back seat.

The man was taken to jail on suspicion of felony DUI, vehicular assault and child endangerment. He has three prior convictions for drunk driving. [News-Tribune]

Not sure if it's worthy of a "Dad of the Year" trophy. Maybe a "#1 Dad" mug, though.

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