If only every predator was as stupid as this guy. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, September 13th.

St. Petersburg, Russia- A woman is suing a loan company...and it has nothing to do with money.

Card payment

33-year-old Yulia Panferova took out a small $85 loan last month. She selected this particular company because of their advertisement...which promised that paying off a debt would make you "feel an inner satisfaction and calmness that is comparable to having an orgasm."

Well, Panferova did repay the loan, but did not feel the as-promised sexual gratification...so she's seeking 1,000,000 roubles (roughly $17,000 American) for false advertising. [Daily Mail]

Anderson, CA- A homeowner called 911 after finding an unwanted house guest.

The man returned home Tuesday and saw a package ripped open on his porch.

Grata Victoria
Grata Victoria

He went inside and found a partially-eaten sandwich and an open beer. A pack of cigarettes was missing and an empty beer bottle sat nearby.

Then he noticed that someone had recently showered in the bathroom and strange clothes were strewn about. He told police that he then found a naked woman sleeping in his bed. While the man was on the phone with police, the woman got dressed and sat in a chair on his front porch.

33-year-old Michelle Watkins was arrested on suspicion of residential burglary and possession of stolen property. [San Jose Mercury-News]

That could have ended much worse...or much better, depending on your point of view.

North Logan, UT- A pedophile got arrested after accidentally reporting himself.

54-year-old Nicholas Deelstra met a 16-year-old on Craigslist last month and made plans to meet at Deelstra's house to have sex.


The boy never showed up, and the next day Deelstra received a message saying that the teen crashed his car on the way to meet him and demanded money for repairs. Deelstra sensed that it was a scam...so he called police to report it.

Deelstra told officers that he agreed to meet with the teen for sex--despite knowing he was underage--that he never showed up, and was trying to blackmail him.

The FBI wasn't particularly interested in the scam but they were DEFINITELY interested in Deelstra being a child predator. He was booked for felony sexual exploitation of a child. [Salt Lake Tribune]

Even the guy from Dateline is probably thinking "Wow...that was easy."

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