This guy was definitely expecting to have a large case of the munchies. Here's 'Crappy News' for Thursday, 10/5/17.

LaCrosse, WI- A pair of young lovers weren't going to let police get in their way.

A woman called 911 early Monday morning because she'd been woken up by loud sex noises coming from a car in front of her home.

Love me

Cops went to check it out and found the car rocking from side-to-side with its windows partially fogged.

The cop knocked on the window, but 21-year-old Bailey Puttkemery and 20-year-old Emily Scott continued to go at it. The officer actually gave them another FIVE MINUTES to wrap it up before telling the couple to get out.

Puttkemery stepped out of the car--still nude--and accused the cop of "c***-blocking" and giving him "blue balls." Puttkemery & Scott both got arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. [The Smoking Gun]

I'm sure their parents are extremely proud.

Numazu City, Japan- A guy was arrested for attempting to steal an unmarked police car.


23-year-old Ushio Sato approached the unlocked vehicle in a parking lot last Thursday night. When he opened the door Sato found cops sitting inside the car with the engine off as part of an undercover investigation.

After interrupting their stakeout, Sato attempted to flee, but was tracked down by one of the officers for attempted theft. [UPI]

Checking for people is usually a pretty important first step...

Navarre, FL- A man was arrested for having quite the assorted stash.


33-year-old Robert Moore was pulled over last weekend after hitting several objects in a convenience store parking lot.

Officers searched Moore's car and found several pieces of personal mail with credit cards and checks. Moore also had two bags of methamphetamine, one Xanax bar and one syringe inside the well $165 worth of Tasty Kakes and Honey Buns.

Moore has been charged with careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license or insurance, and possession of a controlled substance. [Santa Rosa Press Gazette]

Hey...if you've taken that many drugs you've got to have something for the comedown.

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